My first book, a survival guide for working and breastfeeding, is available almost anywhere books are sold. 

Work. Pump. Repeat. (ABRAMS Books) was born out of an unusual experience: As the first Director of Giving for the now-iconic TOMS Shoes, I traveled to rural Nepal with the company's founder when my son was only five months old. I literally circumnavigated the globe with a breast pump, and couldn't believe there was no survival guide for women doing this most awkward of jobs. After five years and hundreds of interviews with working mothers and HR executives, this book was born.

It's been recommended by Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, Publishers Weekly, BlogHer, Fox News Health, and TOMS' founder Blake Mycoskie. Check out for more.

I have a regular column for Women@Forbes on, exploring "Un-Careerists" - people who never do the same thing twice, and who are insatiable problem-solvers. Check it out at

I have written for The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, Mashable, TIME, and more, on the economic and moral case for paid family leave, on new-parent-friendly workplace policies and cultures, and on popular culture and parenthood. Some highlights:

Type "working mother" into any stock photo site and you'll get a photo of a happy woman, sitting at her desk with a baby in her lap. That's not what it actually looks like, so I shot this parody stock photo series. It's been featured on APlus, Bustle, The Stir, and lifestyle websites in countries around the world. Get in touch if you'd like high-res versions to use.