Work. Pump. Repeat: The New Mom's Survival Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work was inspired by my own experiences of literally circumnavigating the globe with a breast pump. I interviewed hundreds of working mothers and dozens of HR professionals to create the first practical, relatable, judgment-free guide for women who want to try to continue breastfeeding after they've returned to work.

This book is a collection of war stories, hacks, and strategies from hundreds of women who've been there.

This book will tell you how to pump on a public toilet, in an airplane, in a moving car, and virtually everywhere in between.

This book will remind you you're not alone. We have dried breastmilk on our work clothes, too, and we're with you.

This book is the anti-judgment, pro-sanity antidote to the Breastfeeding Wars.

This book is my love letter to working mothers.


Published by ABRAMS Books, September 2015

Select reviews for Work. Pump. Repeat:
"Shortall strikes the perfect note...and takes a casual, keeping-it-real tone toward everything from “porn-star boobs” to pumping during conference calls...Having such helpful tips and tricks in print will be a godsend to the back-to-work mom who doesn’t have time for everything to go any less than smoothly."
Publishers Weekly (starred)

"Filled with problem-solving hacks, moral support and plenty of humor, this relatable read aims to help you navigate the sometimes awkward, always rewarding job of being a working mom who breastfeeds. As Shortall's applause-worthy manifesto declares, 'Your worth as a mother is not measured in ounces.' We couldn't agree more."
Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, December 2015 print issue

"Finally, here was the resource I'd been looking a lifeline across the scary, scary void...(It) reads as if your most no-nonsense, most supportive friend wrote it just for you...I credit (Work. Pump. Repeat.) with giving me the confidence and knowledge I needed to tackle this experience head on and make sure my kid had the milk he needed to thrive."
Genie Gratto, BlogHer